Beer Brands

When discussing beer, the largest beer brands will always find their way into the conversation. American beer brands like Anheuser-Busch and Miller Brewing Company have been favorites for decades, but many beer enthusiasts swear that these companies produce an inferior product that is supplemented with great advertising. Others will disagree, saying that American domestic beers are better than anything else on the market. Simply put, choosing the best beer brands is a matter of taste.

A recent survey indicated that Anheuser-Busch products took top marks, along with imports such as Guinness Stout, Corona Extra, Tecate, and Heineken brands. Other domestic brands in the top 50 were Miller products and Molsen-Coors beers. All of these beer brands are top sellers in the United States but a large number of beer drinkers have begun to appreciate craft beers which, though more expensive, typically have much more flavor than mass produced beers.

Samuel Adams (Boston Beer) is a well known craft beer brand that is gaining in popularity. By selling seasonal beers as well as different styles of lager and ales, the Boston Beer Company is starting to hack out their corner in the domestic beer market in the United States. Craft breweries such as F.X. Matt, High Falls, Redhook Ale Brewery, and Moosehead Brewery are beginning to cut in on the big boys of the American beer industry. Most beer enthusiasts will call this a good thing.

Whether you like a basic American lager or the most unusual ale you’ve ever heard of, there are more beer brands to choose from today than in any other time since Prohibition. More and more beer lovers are experimenting with new tastes and textures of beer. The big boys are still doing well, but craft brewing is lurking in the shadows, waiting for their opportunity to come into the light.